Bulgaria: no proceedings against ex-PM for now

Former Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov was arrested last Thursday in connection with investigations into corruption and then released the next day. There was too little evidence, said the Prosecutor's Office, which representatives of the government and the police, but also the media, now accuse of trying to protect Borisov.

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Deutsche Welle (BG) /

Fainthearted prosecutors

Even in Italy, the home country of the Mafia, there are prosecutors who risk death to oppose organised crime, writes the Bulgarian service of German broadcaster Deutsche Welle:

“Not so in Bulgaria, the most corrupt country in the EU. It seems that all the employees of the public prosecutor's office are deeply convinced that there is nothing to investigate. That explains why hundreds of files have disappeared as if swallowed up by quicksand over the years. ... Apparently all prosecutors with integrity and personal convictions have been successfully screened out in the personnel selection process.”

e-vestnik (BG) /

Borisov has no future in politics

Whether or not he ends up behind bars, Borisov's political career is over, e-vestnik comments jubilantly:

“Could it be that after all this Borisov's chances of making a comeback are increasing? Not at all. There is no kamikaze party that would support Borisov and GERB in its cabinet, regardless of when elections are held - be it this year or in two to three years. Some hope in vain for Borisov's return, but they can kiss that idea goodbye. It's more likely that he will be arrested several times before the next elections and ultimately convicted.”