Partygate: Johnson apologises in parliament

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologised in the House of Commons for his mistakes during lockdown. People "have a right to expect better of their prime minister", he said on Tuesday. The MPs will vote on Thursday on whether to set up an investigation committee. Europe's press comments.

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Cyprus Mail (CY) /

Holding on till the elections

Cyprus Mail sees hard times ahead for Britain:

“Johnson's popularity in the party and in the country has collapsed, and even his recent sub-Churchillian posturing in Ukraine has done nothing to restore it. ... The likeliest outcome is stalemate: an unpopular government heading into a cost-of-living crisis with no visible strategy and two years to go until the next election. They had no policy beyond 'Brexit', which no longer inspires even its former enthusiasts, and their enemies' fondest wish is that Johnson stays in office until that election rolls around at last. He probably will.”

The Sun (GB) /

Labour is exaggerating wildly

The Sun stands clearly behind Johnson:

“Yesterday's furious attempted prosecution of Boris Johnson by Labour, the confected rage, the frothing abuse and the sanctimonious ­moralising are hard to stomach. ...The PM apologised to the Commons and sought to contrast his 'mistakes' with the gravity of the war in Ukraine and his global leadership over it. Yes, it was a tactic - but he has a point: All perspective has been lost. Imagine Putin's mirth if ­President Zelensky's No1 international ally is ousted over Partygate. Keir Starmer didn't mention Ukraine. To Labour's leader ... Boris's parties are the crime of the century.”