Paris against excess profits tax for energy companies

Oil and gas producers are profiting from the rising prices in the energy crisis. The governments of Belgium and Spain have decided to levy a special tax on these excess profits. In France, however, president Emmanuel Macron has spoken out against such a move, sparking controversy in the nation's press.

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L'Obs (FR) /

Everyone must do their bit

Opposition politicians Aurore Lalucq and Boris Vallaud call on Macron in L'Obs to make the energy companies pay their dues:

“You have to ask yourself whether the president has understood what kind of a winter awaits us. At a time when energy prices are exploding, we must engage national and European solidarity to the max. Everyone must do their bit and participate in the solidarity efforts. Households and medium-sized companies that are struggling must receive help and ongoing support. And companies making exceptional profits must be taxed.”

Les Echos (FR) /

More tax cuts for business

A group of members of President Macron's Renaissance parliamentary group defend the government policy in Les Echos:

“[Further taxation] would be a grave error. If taxes are too high, companies are unable to invest sufficiently and create jobs. They abandon projects or move them abroad. This is why we firmly believe that corporate taxes should continue to be lowered. We have pursued this strategy over the past five years, more consistently than any other parliamentary majority before us: it has borne fruit and we will continue to pursue it in the next budget.”