Russian opposition figures call for change of government

Several dozen Russian opposition members have met in Jabłonna, Poland, to discuss the future of their country. Among the participants were several former State Duma members and city councillors. The aim was to create a "parliament in exile" and to promote a change of system in Russia. The press reaction is unenthusiastic.

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Kauno diena (LT) /

Unfortunately too weak and divided

Kauno diena has little hope:

“This bold initiative has become another bone of contention for Russian emigrants. ... Alexei Navalny's comrades-in-arms were not present, but Mikhail Khodorkovsky and prominent advocates of change in Poland at the end of the 20th century such as Adam Michnik and Leszek Balcerowicz were. There was talk of violence as the only means to free Russia from Putin's regime. This was perhaps the main difference vis-à-vis other forums of Russian emigrants. ... Unfortunately, however, there is no sign so far that the calls to purge Russia of the Putinists are being heard by the tens of millions of Russians at whom they are aimed.”

Gazeta Wyborcza (PL) /

Hold people at all levels to account

The opposition figures already have concrete plans for settling scores once the Putin era comes to an end, Gazeta Wyborcza observes:

“The former representatives of Russian authorities at various levels not only called for a revolution but also worked on laws that would come into force after Vladimir Putin's fall. ... All those who are in any way connected with the Putin regime, who support or justify the war in Ukraine, who follow the orders and instructions of the authorities, are to be vetted. This means that not only concern decision-makers, power apparatuses and oligarchs, but also teachers, journalists, lecturers, activists and others will be subject to scrutiny.”