ChatGPT: how advanced is AI?

The artificial intelligence-based chatbot ChatGPT has been open to the public on the website of provider OpenAI for a week now. Within just a few days over a million users registered to ask the programme questions and chat. Commentators discuss what the innovative language generation model can and can't do.

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Financial Times (GB) /

Sketchy information, well packed

CHatGPT's performance is impressive, and not just in a positive way, writes the Financial Times:

“It can turn sketchy information into fluent and convincing answers. It sounds right even when it is making things up on the basis of something it read somewhere, which was itself regurgitated from other sources. Its smooth, articulate voice is usually persuasive, but cannot be relied on fully. ... This kind of basic research saves humans time. But it must be deployed carefully, and there's the rub. ChatGPT is like an urbane, overconfident version of Wikipedia or Google search: useful as a starting point but not for complete answers.” (ES) /

Humans not so easily replaced

For creative writers AI is no competition, comments author Isaac Rosa in

“You can rest assured: artificial Intelligence cannot replace you, unless you write prose at primary school level, churn out platitudes and simply repeat things you have read online. ... Will AI replace us one day? ... There are many jobs for which an exploitable human is still more profitable. ... I remember well the prophecies that in a few years' time cars without drivers would be on the roads, drones would be delivering packages and robots would be doing all the work. ... But you see where we are now: taxi drivers vying for passengers on the street, cyclists delivering parcels, people working like machines, available around the clock.”