The end of sanctions against Iran

After the International Atomic Energy Agency found Iran to be in compliance with the restrictions laid down in the nuclear deal the US and the EU lifted their sanctions against the country on Saturday. There is still no basis for truly friendly relations with the Islamic regime, some commentators warn. Others see the step as a major opportunity in the fight against jihadism.

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taz, die tageszeitung (DE) /

Tehran hasn't suddenly changed for the better

Just a day after the sanctions were lifted the US imposed further punitive measures on Tehran on Sunday - in this case for its ballistic missile programme. Big question marks still hang over the future of Iran in the international community, comments the left-wing daily taz: "From the Shiite militia creating havoc in Iraq to the political and military backing for Bashar al-Assad's regime (in cooperation with Lebanese Hezbollah), signs of the Islamic Republic having adopted a 'new' course are still lacking. At the same time the human rights situation in Iran has not improved. Iran is the country with the most executions after China and critics and creative artists quickly find themselves behind bars. There's still a long way to go before truly friendly relations between the US and the EU with Iran are established."

Hospodářské noviny (CZ) /

Arms deals must remain taboo

Iran will now become an Eldorado for profiteers, the liberal business paper Hospodářské noviny predicts: "Many people are happy that the deal negotiated with Iran last year will improve the situation there. Iran will have no nuclear weapons and will once again engage in international cooperation. Those who hold this view won't complain that Czech businessmen will also be travelling to Tehran to vie with competitors from all over the world who have suddenly rediscovered Iran as a huge market. ... However at least one thing should remain taboo: the sale of weapons. Russia has already sold Iran S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems. Now it's negotiating the delivery of T-90 tanks and Su-30 fighter jets. If we don't want to end up completely cynical we shouldn't behave like Vladimir Putin."

El País (ES) /

A chance in the fight against terror

The comprehensive lifting of sanctions against Iran is excellent news, writes the centre-left daily El País: "Considering the violent panorama in the region one could easily accuse US President Barack Obama of naivety when he declares that today the US, the Middle East and the world are safer places than they were. But the leader of the country which official Iranian rhetoric calls the 'great Satan' is right. … Iran is not just a historical regional power but could also be a major agent in the strategic fight against jihadism. Its isolation complicated that strategy and also created ever-growing rifts with other major Arab powers. It is crucial that all parties take part in certain security and cooperation forums; the reincorporation of Iran will without doubt lead to greater understanding."

Il Giornale (IT) /

Lift sanctions against Russia now

Europe should now make the case for lifting the sanctions against Russia demands the national conservative daily Il Giornale: "The Europeans have followed all the whims of the Americans. Even when they continued the Cold War against Russia with threats from Nato and condemnations in the form of sanctions because of Russia's Crimea policy. … Meanwhile the Americans failed to see the Islamist threat and instead continued their battle against those who are in fact their most natural allies. What can we Europeans, including individual citizens, do against this? We can try to dispel the climate of distrust vis-à-vis Russia. The Cold War must be ended and the sanctions must be lifted. We must help Russian and Ukraine to agree on a constitution that guarantees autonomy for both sides. We must campaign for peace between America, Russia and Europe."