Hungary scores historic victory at Euro 2016

For the first time in 44 years the Hungarian football team has won a game in a European championship, beating Austria 2-0 on Tuesday in Bordeaux. Hungarian commentators celebrate the victory while the Austrians are contrite.

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Jobbegyenes (HU) /

Salvation for long-suffering Hungarians

Heady with victory blogger Jon Havas comments on Hungary's win on the blog site Jobbegyenes:

“There are no words to describe what happened in Bordeaux. It is a miracle. This victory is just what the long-suffering Hungarian people needed, like a mouthful of water in the desert. Even if we lose the games to come this victory will be unforgettable. We have shown the world what we can do when we believe in ourselves. That we were able to beat our opponent in an exciting game and score three points was the icing on the cake. … We can thank God that he made us as Hungarians and that we were able to witness this day.”

Kurier (AT) /

More self-criticism please, dear Austrians!

Austrians should stop moaning after their team's defeat at the hands of Hungary, Kurier demands:

“Can we stop sugar-coating the terrible performance and blaming it on bad luck, the referee and the opponents' rough play? Rather than delving into the psychology of the poor, poor losers, let's talk turkey: we have placed overly high expectations on a troupe of well-paid, but on Tuesday mediocre troupe that unfortunately reached its peak before the start of the tournament. (We would be glad if the game against Portugal taught us better.) A European championship is a high-performance sporting event, not a self-help group. If you want to be world-class you've got to be harder on yourself, also in the realm of self-criticism. And that goes for all disciplines. From that perspective we should be very worried not only about Austria as a football country but also as an economic location.”