What choice do Bulgarians have?

Since the victory of opposition candidate Rumen Radev in the presidential election in November and the subsequent resignation of the Borisov government Bulgaria has been in a state of political paralysis. Now the new president, who took office at the end of January, has announced early parliamentary elections for March 26 - the third such elections since 2009. Bulgarian commentators seem completely disillusioned.

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Webcafé (BG) /

Choice between idiots and blockheads

More than ever before this parliamentary election is simply about choosing the lesser evil, Webcafé comments disappointedly:

“Anyone who goes into politics in Bulgaria proves simply by doing so that he or she isn't worthy. And even if you do manage to find a formation, a movement, a club, a sect or a train compartment with people who share your views, disappointment soon follows because they do something stupid that only makes you feel embarrassed for them. But at the same time you know that there are far worse idiots out there. … So the choice becomes harder and harder, and in the end it's all about finding one single positive attribute in your candidate that will make you willing to ignore the fact that in all other respects he or she is no good.”

Offnews (BG) /

Voting for no one doesn't help anyone

For the first time ever in a parliamentary election the ballot papers will include the option to vote for nobody. Web portal Offnews is undecided about the impact this will have on the outcome of the election:

“What are voters who vote against all candidates trying to tell us? Is it a political protest, and if so what could be the result? What happens if half a million people vote for 'Nobody'. How will the politicians react? … Do you have any right to have a say in politics if you don't support anyone? What is the difference between finding no one good and everyone good? Isn't this precisely the kind of political conformism that got us into this mess in the first place? By saying that you don't support anyone and letting others decide who gets to govern the country?”