Southern states cooperate on Europe's future

The leaders of Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Malta and Cyprus convened on Monday at a southern Europe summit. They discussed "a new vision for the continent" encompassing economic growth, social security and a common immigration policy. Commentators are delighted to see these countries cooperating.

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Avgi (GR) /

Together against the austerity dictate

Avgi is delighted that the meeting has taken place for the third time:

“This summit is starting to take on an enduring character, encouraging a group of countries with common problems and to a certain extent common goals to engage in closer cooperation. ... Greece, France, Italy, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal and Spain have shown that they really do want to coordinate their steps in post-Brexit Europe, and aren't willing to leave the tough job of planning the future to the hard-headed northern European countries. The motto of those countries is 'stability', and by that they mean absolute submission to budget discipline, regardless of how high the costs for society are.”

ABC (ES) /

Spain regaining clout

The summit is a chance for Madrid to enhance its role in the EU, ABC urges:

“The regional summit with the countries of southern Europe convened by Spain is a necessity for the Spanish government and all the other participants because of the major doubts about the European project. This is the third such encounter after those in Athens in Lisbon, which testifies to the high level of interest in regional cooperation vis-à-vis the immediate challenges Europe faces. The uncertainty about the political and economic success of Brexit and a multi-speed Europe as well as the anti-European tensions in various member states are factors that should move us to strengthen alliances between partners with common interests. For Spain, this situation is a historic opportunity to reassume a leading role in Europe, as already became clear after the mini-summit in Versailles with Germany, France and Italy.”