Who will free Afghanistan from terror?

After the huge explosion that left at least 90 dead and more than 400 wounded, sorrow and despair have taken hold in Kabul. The violence in Afghanistan is steadily worsening while the government and authorities seem powerless to act. More than just a stronger international military presence is needed, commentators stress.

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El Mundo (ES) /

Stronger international presence needed

Despite years of international effort the situation in Afghanistan is anything but stable, El Mundo laments:

“Fifteen years after the US invasion of Afghanistan we must conclude that neither the allies' military intervention, nor the copious financial aid given to the Afghan government, nor the resources deployed to combat jihadist terrorism have mitigated the bloodshed. … Despite all the actions and the troops deployed by the international coalition Afghanistan continues to be a powder keg. … Efficient and resolute intervention is needed to put an end to the war in Afghanistan. This will require not just the presence of international troops in the country but also that the dysfunctional Afghan government finally achieves stability and full authority.”

The Times (GB) /

Europe must help the US in Afghanistan

The European Nato partners must participate in military operations in the fight against the Taliban and other jihadists in Afghanistan, the Times argues:

“The Nato alliance has accepted that it must be a formal member of the struggle against Islamic State. ... The point of an enhanced force is to strengthen the government in Kabul. The Taliban should not be wooed into a unity government but rather contained until accompanying diplomatic pressure ensures fighters lose their overseas support. ... A strategic approach is essential to sap and divide the Taliban. That is a mission for the whole alliance, not just the United States.”