Belgium's Socialists in crisis

In the Francophone community of Belgium the Christian Democratic CDH has put an end to its coalitions with the socialist PS in three regional governments. This political earthquake may help to break up rigid structures but it also carries the risk of crippling negotiations, Belgian media comment.

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De Tijd (BE) /

A salutary coup against the Socialists

Although this political change took place without an election it will do the country's democracy good, De Tijd believes:

“A political earthquake that wasn't triggered by voters is underway in Francophone Belgium. The PS, the biggest party in Wallonia which has presented the Walloon premier for the past three decades, is being driven out of its position of power. The change is a boon. Because power corrupts, as so many PS scandals have shown. The new balance of power in Wallonia is a good thing for democracy in the south of the country.”

La Libre Belgique (BE) /

Not the time for a political blockade

Belgium could be dogged by protracted negotiations and a paralysing blockade even at the national level, La Libre Belgique fears:

“The first danger is that of a prolonged political crisis that paralyses the three governments concerned: Wallonia, the French Community and [the Belgian government in] Brussels. That could lead to important projects being delayed or even shelved. ... Some are now stressing that negotiations on a programme reduced to a few important points could be completed quicker, say within a month. But that depends on the negotiation partners.”