Romania disgraces itself on Navy Day

Romania celebrated Navy Day with a parade of its ships in Constanta on the Black Sea on Tuesday - with a fleet comprising a few old war ships and a single, defunct submarine. The Romanian media lay into the event with malice.

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Radio Europa Liberă (RO) /

A shot in the foot

Romania would have been better off scrapping the navy parade altogether, Europa Liberă observes:

“It was a parade for Romanians, aimed at strengthening their patriotism. But from the perspective of potential enemies, it didn't do Romania any favours. The country's weak points on the border to the Black Sea are probably known to Russia and other neighbouring states, but this ostentatious display will feel like an invitation to its enemies.”

Gândul (RO) /

Weak posturing against a feeble backdrop

That politicians were obviously unruffled by the deplorable state of the fleet drives Gândul to derision:

“We really should celebrate Navy Day more often, especially now that we don't even have a commercial fleet to speak of. And the three frigates, the two corvettes, the handful of minelayers, flanked by three multifunctional tugs serve the high dignitaries as a nice backdrop for their speeches. ... When it comes to deterrence, the politicians are our strongest asset. Today, too, the entire country listened and was deterred. The few enemies we have will drown in the superlatives of these speeches.”