CHP continues its fight for justice

The Turkish opposition party CHP is continuing its fight for justice with a four-day congress. Around 10,000 people came to the opening on Saturday in Çanakkale, a symbolic location where the Turkish army under Atatürk - who later founded the Turkish Republic - prevented the invasion of the Entente troops. Kemalist and left-wing Turkish media are enthusiastic.

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Sözcü (TR) /

Turkey is thirsty for justice

The subject of justice should be the top priority in Turkey, writes Sözcü:

“In a country without justice there can be no peace and no joy! Hundreds of thousands of people are seeking justice. This is the reason why [CHP leader] Kılıçdaroğlu's protest march received so much support. At the justice congress in Çanakkale justice in Turkey will be under discussion for four days. If there really were justice in our country, would so many people have been behind bars for months without having been proven guilty of any crimes?”

Evrensel (TR) /

Mobilise the masses now

The mood and the results of the justice congress must prevail across the entire country, Evrensel demands:

“From day to day it is becoming more important to discuss the results of the justice congress at local events and to use them to bolster the process of informing the public. After all, the discussion about the demand for justice is not an intellectual debate but one that aims to unite the masses gathering behind this demand in the fight for democracy. Only if the justice congress and its participants pursue this goal can the congress be successful. The democratic forces, the workers that lead the proletariat at the local level, the progressives, the local intellectuals and the democrats will then put this goal into practice.”