Who has benefited from the division of Cyprus?

The Republic of Cyprus is currently discussing the use of buildings left empty after the Turkish occupation of the north of the island in 1974 and the expulsion of Turkish Cypriots from the south. Originally the buildings were meant to accommodate Greek Cypriots expelled from the north, but current figures show that many others also had their fingers in the real estate pie. Cyprus's media are outraged.

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Politis (CY) /

Grave sins committed by Greek Cypriots

The Cypriots in the southern part of the island must finally confront their past, Politis demands:

“Things are so complicated here that rationalism isn't given even a tiny chance to develop. Rationalism is perceived as a germ that must be eliminated at any cost. And with it any prospect of an honest solution to the problems. … The much cited bravely fighting Greek Cypriots have committed so many sins that it's difficult to convince anyone of their true intentions. Naturally the overwhelming majority of the Greek Cypriots played no direct part in those sins. They simply accepted the plundering. And they weren't even bothered by the behaviour of several political leaders.”

Simerini (CY) /

Why no one stopped the plundering

Since the north of the island was first occupied by Turkish troops each new generation of politicians in the south has had a hand in the wrongdoing, Simerini complains:

“Seven presidents have ruled the Republic of Cyprus over the last 43 years. Seven governments and seven competent ministers, the trusts managing Turkish Cypriot real estate as well as all the parties know what was happening with this property. Why didn't anyone get involved or take steps to stop this plunder and shocking greed? Because they all took their share, they all exploited the situation and benefited from it. ... This is not just a sign of corruption but a political issue.”