Are the mass prayers in Poland Islamophobic?

150.000 Catholics from all over Poland gathered at several border crossings to pray with rosaries for "the salvation of Poland and the world". Some observers see the praying as a thinly veiled action backing the government's tough stance on Muslim migrants. Others observe a left-liberal attack on Catholicism.

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Gazeta Wyborcza (PL) /

Using the rosary as a weapon against Muslims

The rosary is being given political significance, Gazeta Wyborcza complains:

“The action's organisers maintain that it's all about praying for peace in Europe and the world and tearing down the walls of hatred and ill-will. Meanwhile some of the participants are using the rosary as a club in the fight against another religion: Islam. They're spreading the false narrative that Muslims are automatically terrorists, or at least support terrorism, and want nothing better than to oppress Christians. ... It's a pity that the rosary has become part of politics and is being used to sow hatred against other cultures and religions. And it certainly runs counter to the intentions of many participants - and the episcopacy.”

Rzeczpospolita (PL) /

Left liberals only accept foreign religions

Poland's left-liberals clearly have a problem with Catholicism, Rzeczpospolita comments:

“For the last few days the big defenders of tolerance, openness and liberalism have been doing all they can to ridicule those participating in the prayers. ... Critics even accuse them of political - and above all anti-Islamic - motives. But it takes a lot of ill-will to interpret the 'Border Rosary Prayer' in this way. ... So what's the reason behind the attacks? They're all about a trial of strength with religion. Catholicism is tolerated by the left-liberals, but only under certain conditions: it's okay to have convictions in private. But showing them in public? No, these advocates of progress can't tolerate that. They can tolerate other religions - but their own, Polish Catholicism is clearly too embarrassing for them.”