Rapper in the Netherlands boycotted over sexism

The rapper of Algerian origin Boef has been banned from performing at festivals after he insulted young women, describing them as whores. Radio broadcasters have also announced that they will stop playing his songs. Are the boycotts justified?

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De Volkskrant (NL) /

Boycott is overkill

Commenting in De Volkskrant columnist Elma Drayer argues that the boycott by broadcasters and festivals is taking things too far:

“We shouldn't close our eyes to what young women from a migrant background are saying. They recognise in rapper Boef's tirades precisely the kind of morals with which they are often confronted in their own societies: you're either a Madonna or a whore. Because you'd better not even think about doing the things your brother does without getting into any trouble at all. ... In the end, what rapper Boef has done will be a blessing. Never before has there been so much outrage at the double standards which he expresses like no other. And never before have they been so clearly exposed.”

De Morgen (BE) /

Criticism is hypocritical

Writing in De Morgen columnist and activist Samira Atillah lashes out at the double standards in the debate over the sexist language used by the rapper:

“Certainly it's a welcome development to see everyone suddenly playing the moral apostle on the subject of women's rights. ... But the selective outrage is astounding. ... Anyone who watches [the popular TV show] 'De Slimste Mens' [The Smartest Person in the World] will hear one tasteless, misogynistic joke after another. ... The Boef debate also has a nice racist aspect. The guardians of morals everywhere can now openly vent their anger against Moroccans, Algerians and Muslims - but they remain silent about the language used by the white [Flemish best-selling author] Herman Brusselmans. Flanders clearly suffers from a selective urge to purge. But those who claim to stand up for women must be consistent.”