Yet another new government in Bucharest

Just six months after its last prime minister took office Romania is getting a new prime minister: President Klaus Iohannis tasked MEP Vasilica Viorica Dancilă with forming a government on Wednesday. She is widely seen as a close confidante of PSD leader Liviu Dragnea - who was convicted for attempting to rig an election - and takes over from Mihai Tudose, who resigned in a dispute with Dragnea. Romania's media display resignation.

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Krónika (RO) /

Not everyone wants to be Dragnea's dogsbody

The leader of the ruling PSD is mainly to blame for the current political situation, writes Krónika:

“There's no doubt about it, neither [the previous prime minister] Sorin Grindeanu nor Mihai Tudose were up to the job of prime minister. The latter in particular was unqualified for the post of head of government, both intellectually and culturally. ... But it is mainly PSD leader Dragnea who must be held responsible for the country having two unqualified prime ministers within the space of 14 months. In other words: ultimately he has also failed, no matter how much he tries to play it down. ... In the end Grindeanu and Tudose had to step down because they refused to get Dragnea, who is mired in various corruption scandals, out of the judiciary's line of fire.”

Radio Europa Liberă (RO) /

President doesn't want to take risks

The president simply wants to calm things down, Radio Europa Liberă comments:

“Klaus Iohannis prefers stability over a long political crisis. The Romanian president doesn't want to run any risks, nor does he feel comfortable in unstable surroundings - all the more so given that the opposition has been rather apathetic in the past year. ... Iohannis knows that he could face impeachment proceedings should he reject the PSD candidate. A domestic political war would be extremely complicated for a president who wants peace at all costs, despite the party's chaotic tax reforms and controversial legal reform. Klaus Iohannis has decided to give the Social Democrats 'one more chance'.”