Soros financing anti-Brexit campaign

The Hungarian-born US billionaire George Soros is backing the anti-Brexit campaign. His Open Society Foundations have donated the equivalent of half a million euros to the Best for Britain organisation. In the British press opinions on Soros's involvement are very divided.

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The Daily Telegraph (GB) /

Soros of all people undermining democracy

As a self-proclaimed promoter of democracy George Soros must not take pride in this donation, The Daily Telegraph critices:

“'Many people think the elites have stolen their democracy,' Soros wrote a year ago. Quite so, yet he has now ended up bankrolling a campaign to reverse the biggest vote cast in the history of British democracy. ... If he is bored and seeks a political fight, he will not be disappointed. But if he is genuinely committed to democracy and bringing politics closer to the people, then he has just backed the wrong side.”

The Independent (GB) /

Criticism must be allowed

The Independent counters that it's absurd to accuse George Soros and the Best for Britain organisation of undermining the will of the people:

“It remains exceedingly likely that Britain will leave the EU. But it is plainly true that for many ordinary people, the prospect is chilling. Surely they should be at liberty to express their views on what type of Brexit the UK might end up with; and they should be entitled to campaign against a bad deal. Like any other campaigning group, they must be allowed to fund their activities by seeking donations. Let us not, then, permit legitimate, ongoing, Brexit debate to be mired in the sinister discordance of conspiracy theories.”