Right to abortion also in Malta and Northern Ireland?

In the wake of the Irish Yes to liberalising the country's strict abortion laws, calls have been heard in Northern Ireland and Malta for abortion bans to be lifted there as well. Discussion on the emotionally charged issue continues in these countries and beyond.

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Belfast Telegraph (GB) /

Irish voters' brutal show of force

Northern Ireland must not follow the example of the Republic of Ireland in liberalising abortion laws, writes Peter Lynas, director of the Evangelical Alliance in Northern Ireland, in the Belfast Telegraph:

“Sacrificing the human dignity of the most vulnerable is too high a price for radical individualism and personal freedom. We are 'relational' beings, made to live in community. Every day we choose to limit ourselves for others - our children, parents, neighbours, friends. Ireland has witnessed a brutal demonstration of power. The political establishment and the media conspired to repeal the most basic of human rights. The power of being alive was used to deny the right to life for the most vulnerable.”

Dnevnik (SI) /

Two women blocking the right to abortion

Dnevnik explains why it believes women in Northern Ireland won't be given the right to abortion any time soon:

“As second-class British citizens, women in Northern Ireland are the victims of an even harsher abortion ban than the one in Ireland. ... They, too, want a referendum now. But British Prime Minister May doesn't dare say anything on the subject because her minority government depends on the support of one of the most socially backward parties in Europe, the DUP, the largest party in Northern Ireland. The DUP - also led by a woman, Arlene Foster - is against abortion. The outcome of the referendum in Ireland holds out new hope for women in Northern Ireland, and also for the 1.25 billion women worldwide who don't have access to safe abortions - despite these two women for whom politics is more important than women's rights.”

Malta Today (MT) /

No one wants to get their hands dirty

Malta finally needs an open debate on abortion, Malta Today urges:

“But here in Malta that statement alone is treated as some sort of national treason, a declaration from Satan himself, a sin in itself. … Beyond the fear of speaking one's mind, it is high time that we have a discussion and start realising that there is a real underbelly of desperation out there that cannot be forgotten. Today's political leaders will ignore this reality and pass the buck to the next generation. But I do not see any promising political realists and few activists ready to get their hands dirty. At least for now. Which is why the media should play a much larger role in this much-needed debate.”