Another setback for Hungary's opposition media

The Hungarian oligarch Lajos Simicska, once one of Viktor Orbán's confidantes but now his opponent, has announced that he is selling his companies to the pro-government oligarch Zsolt Nyerges. His empire encompasses media outlets that were closed down immediately after Orbán's re-election. Commentators now also see the anti-government TV broadcaster HírTV in danger and voice their dismay.

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I am withdrawing from this EU

The imminent demise of another media outlet that is independent of the government in Hungary has the head of weekly hvg's opinion pages, András Hont, foaming at the mouth:

“Dear European Union, dear arseholes! It is our own disgrace that we have produced a political opposition that isn't even capable of reacting to the reality of the situation. But it's your disgrace that you haven't even noticed that in one of your member states, within the space of a few minutes, the last remnants of the free press have been demolished. The EU must guarantee not just the free circulation of goods, capital, people and services, but also that of ideas and opinions. It's a shame that you don't see it this way. Therefore I am announcing my withdrawal from the European Union. I don't want to belong to a club that lets us be a member, or rather, tolerates us.” (HU) /

It will all go to the government

The web news site doesn't believe Szolt Nyerges will remain the definitive owner of Lajos Simicska's companies and media:

“It's clear that from an economic standpoint the agricultural companies and [construction company] Közgép represent their true value. From a political standpoint, however, the rest of the Simicska media empire is also not uninteresting. Although it's unlikely that the new owner will resume the publication of Magyar Nemzet, this name still has a value from which a product already on the market could benefit. Similarly, the fate of the television station Hír TV is also interesting. If everything really does go to [Orbán's friend] Lörinc Mészáros, the billionaire from Felscút would have two television stations.”