Asylum policy: Brussels sues Hungary at ECJ

The European Commission has upped the pressure on the conservative nationalist government in Budapest over its asylum policy. The Commission is suing Hungary at the European Court of Justice as a final step in its ongoing breach of contract proceedings. In addition it is launching a lawsuit over new legislation against people who help refugees known as the "Stop Soros package". What does the press have to say?

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Avvenire (IT) /

A key step against democracy-dictatorships

For Avvenire the EU's measures are long overdue:

“These 'democracy-dictatorships' undermine the certainties on which the EU edifice is based and which we considered solid and inviolable. ... If this goes unpunished as we stand by and watch, the European Union itself will bear the main responsibility - because of its laissez-faire approach and the Colbertism that is migrating from the economy to politics, as if the Europe of the people were merely a free trade zone - not a project of a community of peoples with common visions. This has allowed legislative monstrosities to form in those states that were satellites of the Soviet Union for too long and only knew the Europe of democracies from hear-say. One might be permitted to suspect that they don't really know what to do with democracy based on solidarity as we understand it in the West.”

Népszava (HU) /

Anti-Soros posters will remain in place

The proceedings will drag on without any concrete consequences for a long time to come, Népszava believes:

“What if Hungary doesn't adhere to the ECJ's ruling? Then it will be fined. And if it doesn't pay? Then the money will be subtracted from the European Union's payments to the respective member state. That's when things will get interesting, when - this is the argument we will no doubt hear - 'we don't get what we're entitled to'. ... But that's still a long way off. Until then the 'Stop Soros' posters will still be seen everywhere. ”