Trump and Iran: how risky is the quarrel?

Tehran has responded to a tweet in which US President Trump threatened Iran with war. Trump is the biggest threat to his country and the international community, an advisor to Iranian President Rouhani stated. The US president must be extremely careful in his dealings with Iran, commentators warn.

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Aftonbladet (SE) /

Tweets could spark a war in the Middle East

Trump's tweets are extremely dangerous, Aftonbladet warns:

“Iran is involved in conflicts all over the region. It supports the government in Syria, the rebels in Yemen - and it's a constant power factor in the chaotic political situation in Iraq. That also goes for the US ally Saudi Arabia, which is involved in the same conflicts although on the opposite side. And in the background is of course Israel, where hardliners have long been calling for a green light for military operations against Iran. There is the danger that Trump could send this signal with his tweets. Yet another conflict in the Middle East would be catastrophic for the world - for the people of course, but also from an economic point of view. And the thought that someone could make a mistake is enough to send shivers down your spine.”

Lidové noviny (CZ) /

Hard to imagine the Ayatollahs can be toppled

The plan for a change of regime proclaimed by the US may sound attractive but it is unrealistic, Lidové noviny writes:

“If the fanatical Ayatollah regime were toppled that would be better than sending bombers to attack the country and eliminate its nuclear weapons. Up to that point Trump's logic is perfectly reasonable. But is there any chance at all of toppling the regime in Tehran from outside the country once the US has openly declared that to be its goal? Or will even those Iranians who are critical of the regime oppose such a move? And when has the US ever succeeded in pulling off something like that without bringing in the military? We only need recall how - after 55 (!) years - President Obama finally called off the US's attempts to overthrow the Castro regime in Cuba.”