Salvini and Le Pen kick off EU campaign

The two major far-right parties in Italy and France have started their joint campaign for the European elections. Salvini and Le Pen announced in Rome that they would seek to establish a "Europe of nations" after the May vote. While some commentators see the end of the EU approaching, others say the right-wing populists' promises are doomed to fail.

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Europe living through its worst nightmare

The dissolution of the EU is no longer an unrealistic scenario, warns Tvxs:

“That's obvious after the many setbacks to the EU's cohesion. Moreover it's uncertain whether there is still the time and the will to turn away from the path that leads to isolationism and nationalism. ... Although it seems that above all the ability to do this is also lacking. Europe is living through its worst nightmare because an incompetent political leadership has for years kept all the doors open for the lobbying of elites and institutions that lack democratic legitimation. And as always the far right is using the weapons of democracy to destroy it.”

La Croix (FR) /

Dismantling the EU not a wise course

Salvini announced a "revolution" at the press conference. La Croix, however, is sceptical:

“Is this really reasonable? In the world of everyone for himself that is emerging, is it really in the interests of the people of our continent to reduce the European Union to the sole dimension of a confederation of states? We would do better to join forces to master the challenges that face us, such as migration and climate change. And we won't be able to do that unless we listen to the people, to their concerns, their frustrations, but also their initiatives. Let's not leave the people to the populists.”

La Stampa (IT) /

Only problem is that Italy needs Europe's cash

Rome can't afford a campaign against the EU because unfortunately it's dependent on the "enemy's" money, political scientist Alberto Mingardi comments in La Stampa:

“The nationalists are attacking the EU because in their opinion it's a cartel of ruling classes lacking authentic legitimation: an elite project representing values supported by tiny minorities and which are alien to the sovereign people. According to this analysis the only solution is to leave the club as quickly as possible. But if you want to go it alone, you shouldn't be dependent on other people's goodwill and cash. ... However, the economic policy of our government is based on the idea that the other European state will not only tolerate the election promises of the majority parties, but to a certain extent finance them too.”