Anti-feminist backlash in Sweden?

In an article published in Dagens Nyheter editor Greta Thurfjell has accused feminism of going too far. She and many young women find it outdated and dream of being housewives, she argues. Commentators are appalled.

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Expressen (SE) /

Don't play with fire, women!

Bearing in mind all the options that are open to them Swedish women should be more careful about criticising the feminist movement, Expressen writes, warning of the potential backlash:

“In Germany with its many housewives, the tax system benefits one-income households. ... If you factor in the acute lack of daycare facilities, it's no wonder that one in every two women in Germany only works part-time. In Britain and the US, the problem isn't a lack of daycare facilities but the exorbitant rates. In a conservative society you don't have to decide to be a housewife - because there aren't many options open to you in the first place. So fine, wear an embroidered apron if you want to, but don't play with fire!”

Aftonbladet (SE) /

Conservatism running rampant

Aftonbladet also warns of a dangerous trend:

“The Swedes were reminded during the autumn elections that neoconservative winds are blowing. The Sweden Democrats want to limit abortion rights, the Christian Democrats see gender studies as balderdash. ... In a growing number of countries conservatism is gaining ground. ... The 'house-wife' is a traitor to her sex - fixated on male well-being. ... Using a politically incorrect word can be exciting on the short term. But ultimately this is about policies that can have long-term consequences.”