Top clubs plans for Super League leaked

According to research by Football Leaks, the Top European football clubs are planning to replace the Champions League with a Super League. A consultancy company has supposedly presented Real Madrid with the plans, and talks are also believed to be underway in England. A number of clubs, among them Bayern München and Manchester United are denying the rumours. So what would a Super League mean for football?

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De Morgen (BE) /

Get lost!

Sports columnist Frank Heinen can't conceal his anger at the idea of a Super League in De Morgen:

“If the Super League happens then in a year's time Bayern Munich will be playing three or four times a month against Manchester United - on the moon. ... Wonderful! Off you go, and take your money, your players, your lawyers and your corrupt presidents with you! Play only against each other until you get into a fight with each other (because of course that's what will happen) and the Super League is forced to split up. And over and over again until each member of the Big Seven can only play against itself and finally realises that every goal is automatically conceding a goal.”

NRC Handelsblad (NL) /

People's sport is degenerating into a money machine

Soon nothing may be left of the beautiful game football once was, laments NRC Handelsblad:

“If the big teams get bigger and richer and the small ones smaller and smaller, more and more people are likely to start turning their backs on this sport in which players are already selling for over a 100 million euros. And no matter how many beautiful games you can watch, 'the beautiful game' has increasingly become a money machine. With a dubious Fifa president at its forefront. ... With their plans for a 'Super League' the top European clubs and their presidents are ensuring that the perverse side of football gets the upper hand.”