Audi workers' strike in Hungary a success

Employees at the Audi plant in Győr have ended a one-week strike after the management agreed to an 18-percent pay rise. The plant produces engines for Audi, VW and Porsche. Factories in Germany and Slovakia were forced to partially suspend production as a result of the strike. Hungarian papers celebrate the workers' triumph over the multinational company.

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Mérce (HU) /

Together they are strong

The Audi workers' successful strike at the plant in Győr is proof that Hungarian employees don't have to put up with everything, writes Mérce:

“With their successful strike the Audi employees in Győr have reached an impressive milestone that could even be of European significance. Add to that the salary increase in the Hungarian plant of Mercedes and the news about upcoming strikes in several factories in northeastern Hungary, it's probably not exaggerated to talk of a turning point. ... Perhaps workers in Hungary will now finally be convinced that exploitation in companies can be successfully stopped and that decent wages and respect for fundamental labour rights are within reach.”

Népszava (HU) /

Orbán on the exploiters' side

Népszava complains about the government's behaviour during this labour dispute:

“Did you see it too? In a wage struggle in which extremely underpaid Hungarian workers rebelled against a multinational, the government, which sees itself as a staunch representative of the Hungarian people, didn't show the slightest will to understand the concerns of its own citizens. During the strike it either tried to duck out or agreed with the multinational. So the strike was worthwhile simply because it showed that Viktor Orbán considers the extra profit made from multinationals more important than the interests of the Hungarian people.”