Zuckerberg demands global Internet regulation

Facebook boss Zuckerberg has called on politicians to introduce global regulations to govern the Internet. He argued that clear rules on blocking content and live streaming and against election manipulation, as well as enhanced data protection for users are needed. Has Zuckerberg turned over a new leaf after a series of scandals involving his network, or is he just trying to get himself off the hook?

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De Tijd (BE) /

An admission of his powerlessness

Zuckerberg is right with his demand, De Tijd comments:

“All control over social media has been lost completely. Social media are neither social nor media. They're not media because the platforms firmly reject all the responsibilities of a traditional publisher. ... And they're also not social because the entire focus is on advertising revenues. The gigantism of the players is such that even they can no longer cope. In this respect Zuckerberg's initiative is an admission of his own powerlessness. ... Given that American politics allowed this uncontrolled growth, the politicians must now deal with the mess. ... The high-tech giants must be forced out of their comfort zone, where they have romped around for far too long with political approval.”

Corriere della Sera (IT) /

Avoiding responsibility

Zuckerberg is now just trying to pass on responsibility for Facebook content to others, journalist Martina Pennisi comments mockingly in Corriere della Sera:

“As regards damaging content, from hate speech to live broadcasts of attacks, he points out that it isn't possible to intervene in each individual case. He calls for guidelines that free companies of the responsibility to decide what should be removed or not. The platforms, on the other hand, should develop systems that reduce the violations to a minimum. With this approach he is giving others the responsibility for deciding what must be removed. In this way he not only avoids criticism regarding the criteria for the decision but also creates a certain amount of leeway for himself when it comes to implementing the criteria.”

Der Bund (CH) /

Out with the old Mark, in with the new

Facebook boss Zuckerberg's surprising call for more data protection legislation is just a front, Der Bund warns:

“Since the company is being attacked from all sides, not only by the usual suspects but also by former high-level employees, scientists and politicians, the old Mark has created the new one with the help of his PR team. But let's not be deceived. Even if the new Zuckerberg admits his mistakes - which in any event weren't exactly a secret - the old Mark is still bent on expanding his Facebook empire. And he's got what it takes to do it. Even if Facebook goes under, he's still got Instagram and Whatsapp to fall back on.”