Hungary: indignation after anti-gay speech

Speaking at an election event, Hungary's Parliamentary President László Kövér, a founding member of Fidesz, compared the adoption of children by same-sex couples to paedophilia. Morally-speaking, he said, there was no difference because in both cases the child is an object, stimulant and instrument of self-realisation. Hungary's press has exploded in outrage.

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Nyugati Fény (HU) /

This is meant to frighten all citizens

In his comparison Kövér also added that a normal homosexual would try to adapt to this world by not maintaining that he has equal rights. Treacherous words, retorts Zoltán Lakner, acting editor-in-chief of the weekly 168òra in a post cited by Nyugati Fény:

“Those in power are showing you their power. If you accept it and keep your head down, perhaps nothing will happen to you. Statements like the one issued by Kövér show who the political target is, who we are supposed to hate. And there are plenty of other targets.”

Mérce (HU) /

Our children's homes are where the real horror is

Would our parliamentary speaker prefer for these children to grow up in state-run orphanages?, Mérce rages:

“Mental and physical violence are common practice there, and the children hardly receive any attention. The staff and children vent their frustration on each other, and the residents, depending on their gender, have outstanding prospects of becoming drug dealers or underage prostitutes, or ending up as an anonymous corpse, instead of growing up in a loving family in which the parents happen to be of the same gender.”