Why are the Sweden Democrats gaining ground?

The right-wing populist Sweden Democrats have made strong gains. Current surveys put them almost neck and neck with Prime Minister Stefan Löfvan's Social Democrats, with both parties polling at around 25 percent. Swedish media feel they know what is behind this shift in electoral support.

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Svenska Dagbladet (SE) /

Government must change its migration policy

For Svenska Dagbladet, migration policy is decisive in the battle to attract voters:

“Recently several leading Social Democratic politicians, including those with a migration background, have spoken out in favour of a reorientation along Danish lines. In other words in favour of a form of social democracy that seeks to integrate critical opinions regarding migration and integration policy. At the moment, however, it doesn't look as if the Social Democrats will succeed in taking the restrictive Danish path. If that is the case, we'll see how the Social Democrats end up as only the third-largest party in the country [after the Sweden Democrats and the liberal-conservative Moderates].”

Aftonbladet (SE) /

Social policy is the key

Social issues are what voters really care about, Aftonbladet believes:

“2019 has seen a barrage of alarming reports. More than 90 municipalities are in the red, and across the country 'reforms' will aim at 'efficiency' in the social domain, schools and elderly care. ... According to opinion polls the Sweden Democrats are just as strong as the Social Democrats among members of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation LO. And it's women - many of whom work in the social sector - who are switching their party allegiances. Without these women nothing would work in society. ... If the LO women are losing their patience the situation doesn't look at all good for Stefan Löfven.”