Harry and Meghan versus the tabloid press

In a TV documentary Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have spoken openly about their problems with the tabloid press. They complained that the media have made things very hard for them with constant attempts to invade their privacy. Is this the price they must pay for being members of the royal family?

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The Sun (GB) /

Worryingly self-indulgent

The Sun has little understanding for the young couple:

“Their latest complaints seemed poorly timed and worryingly self-indulgent. How else can you describe the royal couple seeing impoverished young African girls learning to box so they can fight off sexual predators, then using air time to address their First World problems with the media? ... The rampant paranoia, the relentless victim narrative and a tendency towards the dramatic are all perhaps signs that Harry does indeed need to take a break from public life before he unravels even further. But during that respite, he must surely seek specialist help.”

Ilta-Sanomat (FI) /

Royals can't have everything

The Royals can't have the privileges without the restrictions, Ilta-Sanomat argues:

“Nobody can condemn Harry for defending his young family and his wife like a lion. ... But the problem is that the couple's suffering has led to a rift in the once very close relationship between the two brothers Harry and William. ... The question is also whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex feel a proper connection to royal life at all. If they don't, they must consider giving up the royal title and the associated privileges. If they do, they must accept the limitations on privacy that the role as a royal entails.”

The Guardian (GB) /

Everyone has a right to privacy

The Guardian can understand why Prince Harry and Meghan have resorted to suing the tabloid press for publishing private documents:

“Most women who go through personal upheaval, family upset and childbirth are not followed by cameras and accused of jeopardising the future of the monarchy. Within hours of the interview airing, MailOnline had warned that Meghan was 'damaging' the royal family. Some of the criticism of Meghan has been outright racist and sexist - smacking of distaste for the black woman who dares to email her highly paid staff out of hours. ... She does not want to ignore the publication of a private letter. And, really, why should she?”