Slovakia: minister resigns after restaurant brawl

After verbally and physically attacking the staff at a restaurant in Bratislava and causing damage to the premises, Slovakian Environment Minister László Sólymos has announced his immediate resignation. Despite his outburst Slovakia's press is entirely behind him.

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Pravda (SK) /

A proper man

For Pravda the minister's departure was exemplary:

“László Sólymos made a mistake - he drank in public and behaved aggressively. The next day, however, he admitted his failure, apologised publicly, and resigned as minister. He didn't try to talk his way out of it, drag things out or lie low hoping the incident would soon be forgotten. He behaved like a proper man. A rarity among Slovakian politicians. László Sólymos made an exemplary gesture. As a result he'll be remembered not only as an environment minister who made a significant contribution to the introduction of a deposit system for plastic bottles and cans in 2022, but also as a man who has brought the political culture in Slovakia a step forwards.”

Sme (SK) /

Sólymos did a good job

In the long term the minister won't be remembered for his restaurant brawl but because of what he achieved in office, Sme believes:

“Sólymos is one of the few ministers who can point to concrete results after leaving office. The point isn't whether we're for collecting plastic bottles or stricter rules for construction work in national parks. The fact is that for the past four years Sólymos has been doing political work like no one else in government. Without praising him to the skies for his behaviour, Sólymos can be regarded as a decent yardstick for future ministers in every portfolio.”