US primaries: Bloomberg enters the ring

Billionaire and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken part in the Democrats' ninth televised US primary debate. Critical comments about feminism and other controversial statements disqualify him as a candidate, some commentators say. Others see the successful businessman as a suitable challenger for President Trump.

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The Independent (GB) /

Democrats must stay true to their values

The Independent says the Democrats must not nominate a candidate who has made headlines for discriminating against women and minorities:

“By compromising the core issues that make us Democrats - and abandoning the communities Democrats have represented for decades - we hollow out the Democratic Party. What is left isn't inspiring or progressive. It is a party made unrecognizable for the sole purpose of victory. ... If there is any hope to repair the generational damage of Trumpism, Democrats must strive for more than a victory without values.”

Jutarnji list (HR) /

Voters want soul food, not salad

By entering the presidential race at this late stage Bloomberg is trying to buy voters rather than win them over, Jutarnji comments:

“Bloomberg started the race with about four percent voter support. Just three months and 400 million dollars in advertising later, the media mogul is in second place with 19 percent [in national polls]. As a result his rivals are accusing him of trying to purchase the nomination. ... But Bloomberg is forgetting one important detail, namely that Americans want to 'fall in love' with their candidates. Slogans like 'Bloomberg is like kale salad: tough and tasteless but ultimately good for you', which the mogul uses continuously on social media, won't mobilise hordes of fans like Trump and Sanders have.”

hvg (HU) /

A promising rival

The former mayor of New York has what it takes to defeat Trump, Hvg believes:

“His huge fortune gives Michael Bloomberg real freedom: he doesn't have to waste time on fundraising ... And because of the divisions among the moderates, many see a messiah in Bloomberg, who as three-time New York mayor has proven that he can act in politics with the efficiency of a businessman. This will allow him to win votes from independent voters and disenchanted Republicans. With their support he can forge an alliance that will allow him to defeat Trump.”