Erdoğan wants to fund corona aid through donations

Instead of imposing a nationwide curfew as expected, Erdoğan on Tuesday announced a "Campaign of National Solidarity", calling on citizens to make donations to all those who lose their jobs as a result of the corona pandemic. Critics fear that the money will end up mostly in the pockets of pro-government companies. Turkish media are divided along the usual lines in their assessment of the measure.

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T24 (TR) /

Responsibility lies above all with the state

Not the citizens but first and foremost the state has a duty to take action in such crises, T24 stresses:

“Fundraising activities can only help out in the fight against natural disasters and economic and social hardship. Not the citizens but the state must provide the crucial resources. Turkish society is characterised by close family ties and a culture of solidarity in the event of earthquakes, floods and fires, and has always been active in aid campaigns. There is no doubt that this time too, it will do all it can to contribute to the fight against the virus. But it will also expect the state to fulfil its duties.”

Star (TR) /

Only traitors don't support the campaign

As usual, criticism is coming from the ranks of the traitors, the pro-government daily Star rails:

“A pathological group that has never tried to find solutions to any of our country's problems is busy destroying harmony and sowing discord among the people! ... The state and the nation have united, the president has launched a solidarity movement, but once again there are black sheep among us. They're bothered by such a strong, optimistic call, and by the fact that citizens are heeding it. To counteract its effect they shout 'You won't get a penny'. ... Why are you doing this? This is a land of good people, in spite of you. They are patriotic, generous, and would risk death for their country. ... We will come out of this crisis hand in hand. Our future is full of health and well-being.”