Latvia celebrates restoration of independence

Thirty years ago, on 4 May 1990, the parliament in Riga resolved that Latvia would break away from the Soviet Union and restore its independence. This process, which was preceded by the Singing Revolution, was recognised by the Soviet Union in September 1991, together with the independence of Lithuania and Estonia. The date gives the Latvian press pause for thought.

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Diena (LV) /

The high-performance phase has started

Latvia has grown up, Diena notes:

“You could say that in today's society the high-performance phase begins at the age of 30. Not only for people, but also for the state. No more privileges, irresponsible freedom and getting the best out of life, which everyone needs for a certain time. Now the time of pragmatism, duties and responsibilities has begun in Latvia. And what does this mean at the national level? More amenities for the people, a responsible expansion of social security and an active policy in the international arena.”

Latvijas Avīze (LV) /

Cultivate the love of freedom

Commenting in Latvijas avize, Velta Čebotarenoka, president of the "May 4th Club" of the 138 members of parliament who voted for independence in 1990, writes:

“Freedom lived in our hearts before the historic vote of 4 May 1990. If each and every one of us had not already treasured freedom of expression, thought and opinion before that it would not have been possible to realise these objectives in Latvia or to breathe life into democracy. It was only because people saw that such freedom was impossible in the USSR that the members of parliament could be elected and could vote to restore independence. ... We should honour the concept of freedom. It must be defended by everyone.”