Surrogate babies: ordered but not picked up

Over 100 children born to surrogate mothers are currently stranded in Ukraine because their new parents are not allowed to enter the country due to the pandemic. Using the services of surrogate mothers in Ukraine is a popular option for many Western European couples who can't have their own child, also because of the low costs. Media criticise the way the surrogate mothers are being treated not just in the current crisis.

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Abused as meat factories

The situation of the surrogate mothers who are now obliged to care for their newborn babies is a sign of deep rooted contempt, journalist Elena Markosyan writes in

“There's nothing personal about this, it's just business. Meaning our women are seen as nothing but meat factories. This is a business dealing with women who have no protection in this country, no prospects, and no men to take care of them. ... I've seen a lot of feature films, I've read a lot, but I never imagined that something like this could be possible. Because that lacks any humanity whatsoever.”

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Ukrainian women selling themselves short

The Ukrainian surrogate mothers are not getting a good deal, Polityka writes:

“Surrogate mothers must already have had at least one child, they must be under 35, follow medical instructions, and have no sexual intercourse during pregnancy. ... A law stipulates that the women are not permitted to change their mind and keep the child after childbirth. For their 'work' they receive 10,000 to 13,000 dollars, and an additional 300 per month during pregnancy. In comparison, in those US states where surrogacy is legal, some surrogate mothers receive several hundred thousand dollars.”