Romania's fourth wave breaking all records

Romania recorded more than 11,000 new SARS-CoV-2 infections on Tuesday, its highest number since the start of the pandemic. Bulgaria and Romania have the lowest vaccination rates in the EU, with just over one-fourth of the population fully immunised. The country's media says the government's unconvincing and sluggish pandemic management is to blame.

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Irresponsible tactics

In reaction to the fourth wave, the Romanian government has presented a bill proposing mandatory vaccination for medical workers. Much too late, observes:

“Italy and France took all these measures before the fourth wave as preventive action. Romania, in contrast, is using firefighting tactics, intervening after the house has caught fire. ... The government and the president did not delay the decision out of stupidity or negligence, but out of a pathetic political calculation. ... The current political crisis is also an act of political irresponsibility that we are all paying for now: we have a practically paralysed government at a moment that is so difficult for the country.”

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Governing party scores an own goal

Krónika says the mistake lies not only in delaying protective measures but also in making a mockery of them:

“While the fourth wave is gaining momentum, more and more neighbourhoods are having to quarantine and outdoor gatherings of more than 100 people are practically forbidden, Romania's largest governing party is hosting a megaconference with 5,000 participants in Bucharest's exhibition hall. ... By calling a gathering of several thousand people who will likely be densely packed into a confined space "absolutely safe", PNL is handing the virus and vaccination sceptics a golden opportunity and laughing in the face of its own government and its measures.”