Ukraine joins European airspace

The summit meeting between the EU and Ukraine on Tuesday in Kyiv ended without any indications that Ukraine will be joining the European Union in the near future. However, an Open Skies treaty integrating Ukraine into the European airspace was signed. Commentators praise the deal.

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Good news for travellers

The positive effects will not be long in coming, writes Pavlo Kukhta, former Ukrainian Minister of the Economy, on

“What does this mean in practice? More security: Ukrainian airlines will now have to comply with European aviation security standards. More competition: European airlines will gain access to domestic flights in Ukraine - and Ukrainian ones to the EU market. Travel will become easier: increased competition means more choice and cheaper tickets. ... Will the changes come soon? I think so. Ryanair, for example, has already announced that it will expand its presence in Ukraine after the signing of the agreement.” (UA) /

Good news for investors

The agreement will make Ukraine more interesting for investors, comments with enthusiasm:

“Ukrainian airports will be able to handle more flights, which will in turn increase passenger traffic. What's more, regional airports will become attractive for investment and receive a further boost for their development. As a result of the Open Skies Treaty Ukraine will become interesting for foreign investors, because in addition to international flights, European companies will now be able to offer domestic flights.”

Magyar Nemzet (HU) /

Finally more than just words

Magyar Nemzet praises the fact that the summit has produced at least one tangible result with practical consequences:

“At least this time [the EU negotiators] didn't arrive empty-handed in Kyiv. They were able to chalk up Ukraine's joining the single European airspace as a success. This initiative could make air traffic more intensive, safer and cheaper.”