Lockdown for the unvaccinated?

Anti-Covid Vaccination rates are stagnating across Europe - and the lower the rate, the more alarming the infection and mortality figures of the fourth wave are. Austria is now considering drastic measures: curfews for the unvaccinated if the number of occupied Covid intensive care beds goes above 600. In Romania, where hospitals are once again overburdened, curfews are already in place.

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Kurier (AT) /

A clear message

Kurier supports the curfews for the unvaccinated:

“No lockdown for the majority of the population, but a warning to the non-vaccinated. They could even be subject to curfews in the future if the number of occupied intensive care beds increases dramatically. In the summer the government was hadn't yet dared to make such announcements. ... In the meantime, it seems to have sunk in that the pandemic cannot be defeated with half-measures. The virus is simply faster, as the rapidly rising infection rates show. For the unvaccinated, at least, life is now becoming more difficult. ... That is a clear message. Clearer than the confusing 3-G [vaccinated, recovered or tested], 2.5-G or 2-G rules.”

Wiener Zeitung (AT) /

Threatening scenarios not enough

Rules must also be enforceable, the Wiener Zeitung counters:

“The principle of hope still rules: it probably won't come to that anyway. The threatening scenario should encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinated ... This symbolic policy has its dark side: rules that cannot be enforced and are simply political announcements can undermine trust in the rule of law in the long term. ... If a 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) is the political goal, it could be introduced where there are already effective admission controls - at mass events, for example. ... It would be a much smaller restriction than a lockdown for the unvaccinated - but at least it would be enforceable.”

Deutsche Welle (RO) /

Romania should declare another state of emergency

As of today, stricter measures are once again in force again in Romania: in addition to a ban on parties and the "3G rule" - vaccinated, recovered or tested - for almost all shops and establishments, nightly curfews have now been imposed for the unvaccinated. But this is still too little, says Deutsche Welle's Romanian Service:

“The jab is the only thing that can stop the 'very aggressive' pandemic wave, President Iohannis said last Wednesday, adding that parliament urgently needs to pass regulations that will 'restrict mobility and human interaction in the short term'. ... Despite all the measures, you, Mr President, will not be able to avoid declaring another state of emergency to end this wave. ... Now that the ambulance sirens are announcing death, we need a state of emergency, not just a state of alert.”