New Slovenian government faces Herculean tasks

The coalition negotiations in Slovenia have been in full swing ever since Robert Golob, a newcomer to politics, beat the incumbent Janez Janša, whose government stands for xenophobia and nationalist rhetoric, almost two weeks ago. Golob wants to form a centre-left government. A glance at Slovenian media reveals high expectations.

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Dnevnik (SI) /

Hopes for real change

Dnevnik hopes a new government will bring about substantial changes:

“As the designated prime minister with the largest parliamentary group in Slovenia's history, Robert Golob can be generous in the coalition negotiations. ... The coalition agreement which will be published in just a week or two will show whether the about-turn we experienced in the election will be followed by trailblazing content. The announcements that certain departments in the policy areas of environment, infrastructure, science, education, labour and the economy will be merged or separated suggest that after decades of status quo we may finally have a starting point for concrete change.”

Primorske novice (SI) /

Soon there will be no more excuses

Primorske novice takes a closer look at the new government's long to-do list:

“The priority will be to find solutions for the failed health care system, to ensure that the real estate market is at least half-way affordable for young people, to stem the brain drain, to find an answer to the question of what the pension system should look like 20 or 30 years from now and to adapt to climate change. Soon it will be necessary to find an answer to inflation in the energy, food and other sectors, to digitalise society, to reduce bureaucracy, and to curb corruption. ... The government will have to stop just talking about the unfortunate legacy its predecessors have left it.”