Shift to the right in Sweden?

When Swedes go to the polls to elect a new parliament this Sunday, the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats have a good chance of becoming the second-strongest parliamentary group and senior partner in a right-wing governing alliance. The national press is concerned at the prospect of strong results for the party, which emerged from the far-right milieu.

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Dagens Nyheter (SE) /

Voters forgetting the past

How could a far-right party gain so much support in the country, Dagens Nyheter asks in dismay:

“Why is nationalism on the rise? Perhaps because memories are fading. The past is disappearing in the rear mirror. The power and possibilities of the present beckon. ... On Sunday, the Sweden Democrats may become part of a governing coalition - perhaps even as the largest, strongest and most influential party. The past will be relegated to the filing cabinets of history.”

Expressen (SE) /

Seek change through other parties

Expressen advises protest voters to cast their ballots for alternatives to the Sweden Democrats:

“If your main concern is to see a change of power in [the Swedish seat of government] Rosenbad, vote for the Liberals, because if they disappear from parliament there will be no new government. If you want to see a crackdown on crime and a tough migration policy, vote for the Moderates, who have a number of well thought-out proposals that they could campaign to implement. If you've been thinking about giving your vote to the Sweden Democrats up to now, take a little time to reflect once more.”