EU and G7 hold Ukraine reconstruction conference

Politicians and experts from the EU and G7 countries have convened in Berlin to discuss the options and requirements for the reconstruction of Ukraine. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called for a "Marshall Plan of the 21st century" which he said should be put in place before the war ends. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that the bloc could compensate for about one third of Ukraine's expected budget deficit. What comes next?

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Scholz should put his money where his mouth is

The primary goal must be to stop the current wave of destruction, warns:

“'The best reconstruction is that which doesn't need to take place,' the chancellor said recently. ... Scholz should put his money where his mouth is and set up a kind of 'master plan' for arms deliveries alongside the financial 'Marshall Plan'. The double signal that Germany, the EU and the G7 are now trying to send to Kyiv is: 'We won't leave you in the lurch'. And to Moscow: 'What Russia destroys, we will rebuild'. But if this is not to turn into a Sisyphean task for Europe, it must put Ukraine in a position to win this war as quickly as possible.”

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Lithuania must seize this historic opportunity

Lithuania's economy could benefit hugely from Ukraine's reconstruction, Verslo žinios argues:

“In Ukraine we are competitive because of our historical past, our sincere support in the war against imperialist Russia, our minimal language barrier and our better understanding of the country's internal affairs compared to the West. ... We are highly regarded by Ukrainians because the struggle for Lithuania's freedom was successful and because Lithuanians have a good reputation. As macabre as it may sound, we have a historic opportunity here. Lithuania has not had, does not have and will not have a market that is more open to investments.”