Abuse in the Church: report published in Portugal

Just over a year after it began its work, an independent commission set up to investigate sexual abuse by members of the Catholic Church in Portugal has presented its final report. According to the report, at least 5,000 children were abused over a period of around 70 years. Portuguese media discuss the consequences for the Church.

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Público (PT) /

The end of darkness

Público praises the work of the Commission saying it lays the foundation for a renewal of the Church:

“The Commission's report is frightening but not surprising. Its value lies not so much in the specific events it has covered but rather in the fact that it symbolises the end of darkness. ... The Commission has opened Pandora's box with scientific rigour and method. What had been known for a long time has just been cruelly but inescapably exposed. It has brought light to Portuguese society and a soothing confidence so that the more progressive section of the Church elite can break away from the violent section with which it has maintained a pact for too long.”

Correio da Manhã (PT) /

Pope must take a clear position during visit

Correio da Manhã calls on the Church to pay the victims compensation:

“The verdict comes at a time when the absurd costs of World Youth Day [in Lisbon in summer 2023] are under discussion. The Church is focused on the Pope's visit and the altars from which the Pope will speak to young people from all over the world. ... It would be inexcusable if he didn't go beyond the usual blather to explain what he has done so far to stop sexual abuse and what compensation will be given to the victims. Anyone who can spend 80 million euros on World Youth Day won't have any difficulty assuming such a burden.”