Nobel Prize ceremony without guests from Russia

The Nobel Foundation in Stockholm has come under fire: unlike last year, the ambassadors from Russia, Belarus and Iran were to be invited to the awards ceremony in December. This prompted several high-ranking Swedish politicians to threaten to boycott the ceremony, whereupon the committee withdrew its invitations. Commentators are also incensed.

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Sydsvenskan (SE) /

Celebrations are for friends

Sydsvenskan is incensed by the very idea of inviting Russia, Belarus and Iran:

“Whom do you invite to a party? Friends - or at least not dangerous enemies. ... Of course the Nobel Foundation is free to choose whom it invites to its ceremonies. But the Nobel Prize enjoys the highest prestige and is associated with Sweden throughout the world. It is beyond stupid to let tyrants and war criminals shine in its reflected glory. It is a disgrace.”

Jydske Vestkysten (DK) /

Distance in order

Jydske Vestkysten welcomes both the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Denmark and the withdrawal of the Nobel Foundation's invitation:

“In a situation where Russia is waging a war of aggression against a democratic neighbour, the relationship must be as distant and cool as possible. ... This applies not only to Denmark, but to all democratic nations that share our values. That's why the Nobel Foundation inviting the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus and Iran to the Nobel Prize ceremony sent a fatal signal. Fortunately, several Swedish politicians announced that they would stay away from the event if necessary, whereupon the inappropriate invitations to the dictatorships were withdrawn.”