Ireland and Apple take Brussels to court

Apple and Ireland are appealing the European Commission's summer ruling that the company must pay 13 billion euros in back taxes in the Republic of Ireland. Brussels accuses Apple of exploiting Irish laws to avoid the taxes on all its profits made in the EU. Dublin criticised the decision saying the Commission is interfering with the country's sovereignty. Is Ireland doing the dirty work for Apple?

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Irish Independent (IE) /

Don't make a scapegoat of Dublin

The real problem is other states that still make it possible for multinational companies to avoid paying taxes, The Irish Independent complains:

“There has been a suspicion that the EU has been moving relentlessly towards singling this country out for its remarkable success in attracting foreign multi-nationals to these shores. There are compelling arguments for reform of the laws and the tightening of international loopholes that enable companies to escape their full responsibilities. But, to lay the blame on the Irish government for the failure of other countries to make sure their tax regimes are not porous, amounts to a flagrant over-reach on the part of the Commission.”

Irish Examiner (IE) /

Tax row is ruining Ireland's reputation

The government in Dublin will have a hard time regaining credibility in the confrontation with the EU, the Irish Examiner fears:

“The high-stakes disagreement will undermine important relationships between this country and the EU, the EU and America, this country and America. It will also limit our capacity to offer certainty to those who might invest in this country. The ruling will also support the argument, made so strongly last week by Oxfam, that Ireland is a top-tier tax haven offering sanctuary to international business in a way that undermines this and other societies. Though the Government rejects this charge - one supported by a US Senate committee and the UN - the zeitgeist suggests the Government’s refutation hardly rings with the credibility that might win the day.”