How conciliatory is Trump?

In his first speech to Congress on Tuesday Donald Trump adopted an unusually conciliatory tone, saying that he had come with a message of unity and strength from deep within his heart. At the same time he presented an extremely nationalist vision of the future of the US. Europe's press refuses to let the president's moderate tone allay its suspicions.

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Gazeta Wyborcza (PL) /

A surprisingly nuanced tone

Trump's more moderate tone comes as a pleasant surprise to Gazeta Wyborcza:

“The picture of America Trump painted in this speech before Congress was very different to the one he presented in his inaugural address. … It was surprising that he adopted a more nuanced tone, describing real problems without resorting to disaster scenarios. Rather than indiscriminately attacking all those who don't agree with his analysis of the state of America he appealed to shared values and common goals. … However, Trump has simply displayed the ability to say what the public wants to hear at a given moment. If he wants to prove he really has turned a new leaf he'll have to do it with deeds, and not just words.”

Delo (SI) /

A genius or an amateur?

Delo, on the other hand, finds the positive response to Trump's speech puzzling:

“Trump has set the bar so low that a single well-mannered speech in which he didn't attack, insult or describe anyone as an enemy of the people has inspired awestruck admiration. The TV analysts were delighted that he didn't sound like a dictator. … The president of the wonderful wall and the deportation of bad 'hombres' has suddenly indicated that he is willing to grant millions of people residency in the US. This stands in stark contrast to the battle cries of his voter base. … So this poses the question: are we witnessing a genius on the brink of madness who is using his improvisation skills to redesign the political sphere, or an undisciplined political amateur who simply can't resist flirting with the public?”

Avvenire (IT) /

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Avvenire also doesn't trust the US president's new style:

“We mustn't let ourselves be fooled. Even if - at least for the time being - he has put behind him the scenario of an 'American carnage' which he evoked in his inauguration speech, 'The Donald' remains every bit the anti-politician. ... A little Dr. Jekyll, a little Mr. Hyde. After taking on the role of the American market barker, in which he beguiled half America, he has now slipped into the role of the resolved statesman willing to make compromises and unexpectedly respectful vis-à-vis the separation of powers. Two masks which every populist worth his salt knows how to don at will.”