Border dispute: Slovenia to sue Croatia

Slovenia is planning to sue Croatia before the European Court of Justice because the latter is refusing to recognise the ruling on the border dispute between the two EU member states. The European Commission, which according to procedural rules must adopt a clear position in the affair, did not side with Ljubljana but has only offered its services as an arbitrator. Not all Slovenian media agree with the dismay over the EU's conduct.

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Delo (SI) /

EU Commission should have shown its colours

Delo backs Slovenia's head of government, who is disappointed with the EU Commission:

“Miro Cerar pointed yesterday to the consequences of the European Commission's inactivity in cases where it should have adopted a clear stance - in favour of respect for international and European law. His judgement was harsh, but in view of the situation justified. In his opinion the Commission's behaviour is worrying not just for Slovenia but for any country that ends up in a similar situation. One in which a country expects the EU to position itself correctly but must fear that the law will be overridden by politics. The precedent this has established could hardly have been more damaging.”

Dnevnik (SI) /

The people of both countries are the losers

Dnevnik is frustrated by the stubbornness of both governments:

“Just under a year after the announcement of the arbitration ruling, relations between Slovenia and Croatia are as frosty as ever. ... One might think that Croatian Prime Minister Plenković can pat himself on the back for his intransigence. Or that his Slovenian counterpart Miro Cerar could do the same. However, that won't be much help to either leader. There are no winners in this conflict. The inhabitants of both countries, almost all of whom simply want this eternal conflict to be resolved, have become losers.”