Spain ranked the healthiest country in the world

In this year's Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index Spain came first of all the countries in the world. The index ranks 169 countries according to criteria such as life expectancy, causes of death, diet and quality of the healthcare system and water. Spanish commentators see Spain's success as an incentive to maintain this lifestyle, while the Portuguese are puzzled by the results.

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El País (ES) /

Passing on this treasure to future generations

Spain must work to maintain its healthy diet now, warns El País:

“Among the factors that protect the Spaniards' health two are particularly relevant: the Mediterranean diet and the quality of the public health system. ... Many countries that don't have this tradition are trying to incorporate the Mediterranean diet into their cultures. It would be lamentable if now that its positive effects have been proven we were to abandon this diet and adopt less healthy habits. ... Nutritional information campaigns are needed to reinforce this Mediterranean diet tradition that should be regarded as one of the greatest treasures we can pass on to future generations.”

Público (PT) /

Are insipid bread and paprika the key?

What are our neighbours doing better than we are? Pùblico asks mockingly in view of the fact that Portugal was ranked only 22nd:

“They say it's the Mediterranean diet. That's why it's important to know what it is that the Portuguese eat that the Spaniards and Italians don't eat. And what the Spaniards and Italians eat that we don't. Is the problem perhaps our bread? Spain and Italy have bread that tastes of nothing. Is that the secret? Baking soft bread without salt so that people don't want to eat it? ... Is it healthy that we eat so much dried cod? ... Is it that the Spaniards spice their food with paprika? Must we learn to put it on everything we eat too? God preserve us. ... We will have to analyse all this very carefully.”