Domestic row: must Boris Johnson explain himself?

According to media reports Boris Johnson, who currently stands the best chance of becoming British prime minister, had a heated argument with his girlfriend. Concerned neighbours called the police, who, however, saw no reason to intervene. Commentators disagree as to whether the ex-foreign secretary's private life should be a matter of public debate.

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The Guardian (GB) /

Very much a question of character

Boris Johnson himself has made a politician's personality and character key aspects for their candidacy, The Guardian points out:

“His repeated insistence in Birmingham that people didn't 'want to hear about that kind of thing' rang hollow precisely because - more than any other contemporary British politician - he has tried to turn public life into a game of personality, in which wit, confidence, charm and personal presence eclipse policy and substance. This is the proposition upon which his bid for the top job is based: that character is all. It is hardly surprising, then, that his character is now being examined as never before.”

The Sun (GB) /

Politically motivated intrigues

Boris Johnson's political and media enemies will clearly go to any lengths to stop him from becoming the next prime minister, The Sun counters:

“Had there been the slightest whiff of domestic abuse, BoJo would have been carted off in cuffs, his computer and mobile seized and the flat turned into a crime scene. ... Instead, it was the sort of barney that might erupt at any time in any household in the land. ... But this is not really about Boris's private life. It is about Brexit. Boris is the only Tory who might deliver this prize. He is the only potential leader who could win an election. Two good reasons why his enemies are out to destroy him.”