Is France doing enough to counter femicide?

More than 101 women have been killed in France by their partners or ex-partners since the start of the year. The government wants to take action and has announced plans to work out concrete measures for combating femicide together with women's organisations and prevention facilities by the end of November. It has set aside a million euros for this purpose. Commentators say more must be done.

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Libération (FR) /

Saving women requires a lot of funding

The state must put its money where it's mouth is and show how important the fight against gender-based violence is, Libération urges:

“It's time to give professionals, administrations and associations the funding they need to help women who have been battered, abused and frightened by a man in a supposedly all-powerful position. Their calls for help are too often met with indifference. And such measures are urgently needed. There are too few shelters for women who have received death threats. And the police officers who are the first point of contact - and who all too often are either ignorant, indifferent, or simply overburdened - must also receive training. Above all, men must be educated. Sons, brothers, uncles, fathers. Without them, nothing will change.”

L'Obs (FR) /

Take Spain as an example

France should follow the example set by its neighbour to the south, L'Obs advises:

“Big plans require big budgets. Spain, which tackled the problem in 2003, spends 200 million euros per year on combating violence against women - almost three times as much as France. There, four times as many charges are brought, and four times as many protective orders are passed. In Spain 71 women were killed by their husbands in 2003; that figure dropped to 47 in 2018. The fight isn't over, nevertheless the country that invented the term 'machismo' has found a way to curb this unbearable violence. France must now follow suit.”