Labour wants sweeping reforms in UK

In the UK, the opposition Labour Party on Thursday presented its manifesto for the general election on 12 December. It plans to nationalise postal services, railway services and water and energy companies and introduce a higher minimum wage, free Internet and higher taxes for the rich. Is this the right formula for the country's future?

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Financial Times (GB) /

Corbyn's plans would ruin the economy

If Labour is elected Britain risks catastrophic decline, the Financial Times puts in:

“The combination of punitive tax increases, sweeping nationalisation, and the end of Thatcher-era union reforms turn the clock back 40 years. Set alongside a vast expansion of the state - based on spending amounting to six per cent of national income - Labour's plans are a recipe for terminal economic decline. ... A responsible centre-left programme to restore fairness and opportunity, to rebuild public services, and preserve private sector incentives, was there for the taking. Mr Corbyn has missed an open goal.”

The Guardian (GB) /

A manifesto for serious times

Labour's manifesto puts the right measures on the agenda, The Guardian writes in praise:

“Its ambitions match the seriousness of the times. The green agenda is the single most important pledge, an overarching imperative. But it is not the only issue the manifesto confronts in bold terms. The neglect of towns and regions, the need for modernised transport and infrastructure, the importance of reskilling, and of rights against employment injustice, the case for affordable housing, the demands for child and elderly care, a better deal in education and health spending all cry out too.”